Mind & Hands

can / will

            Mind & Hand 

Alternatief therapeut | Energetic Healer

KvK 59540842 

A short introduction

The fact that my site is in Dutch, doesn't mean that you are excluded from my Spiritual Services. So go ahead.

What I do

I work with the Energies around us, my spirit team; Alphy.
Whether it concerns mental or physical discomforts.

I will try to help.

I may / can do this live, but also remotely, via telephone and e-mail. 


                                                                                    What is allowed to happen, will happen.


                                                                                    I see myself as a bridge, hatch, instrument.

                                                                                    I do not pretend to be a healer. (Alphy clearly says that I am, and I can call myself, Healer)

                                                                                    But if the disappearance of an inconvenience is the final result, that's a nice bonus.